2006-07 Tournament Material

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Resolved: Christopher Columbus' role in American history should continue to be celebrated in the U.S.

Resolved: Federally standardized, electronically readable driver's licenses & ID cards and their associated federal database should be implemented throughout the United States.

Resolved: In the U.S. a student's race is an appropriate factor in admissions policies & practices at public elementary and secondary schools.

Resolved: In the United States the keeping of animals in zoos should be banned.

Resolved: In the U.S., public high school athletes should undergo mandatory random drug testing.

Resolved: The U.S. should actively pursue development and expansion of its nuclear power facilities.

State Finals, March 24, 2007
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A Coach's Notes
Resolved: The U.S. government should give Slavery Reparations to its African-American citizens.

A summary edition of A Coach's Notes contains some final comments on the season.