The purpose of the Connecticut Debate Association is to provide an educational competitive experience to the students of the State. We believe that debate and other forms of forensic competition develop skills which transfer well into school, career and personal life. We approach this task in a cooperative spirit that recognizes the overriding goal is to benefit the students.

The CDA is run by its member schools. Coaches meet at least twice each year--Fall and Spring--to set policy. At the Spring meeting the coaches elect an Executive Director, Assistant and three or more board members, These officers comprise the CDA Board, and they are charged with managing the activities of the CDA during the year.

    The CDA officers and board for 2017-18 are:
  • Everett Rutan, Xavier, Executive Director
  • Mark Lewis, Joel Barlow, Assistant Executive Director
  • Kristine Goldhawk, New Canaan
  • Jennifer Hunt, Immaculate
  • Jennifer Posner, Westfield/Watkinson
  • Margaret Hartshorn, at large
  • Randall Smith, Joel Barlow
  • Joel Nick, Farmington
  • Marty Leftoff, Simsbury

The CDA operates under a set of bylaws which may be downloaded here: CDA Bylaws

The CDA Handbook describes our style of debate. It covers tournament and debate format, as well as the basics of extemporaneous debate and judging. The Handbook also explains CDA policy regarding supervision and behavior, eligibility for varsity and novice, eligibility for state finals, and the use of evidence and electronic devices. The Handbook may be downloaded here: CDA Debate Handbook.

The CDA is organized under the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS). CAS provides CDA with a variety of support services, including collecting dues and supervising finances. For more information on CAS please visit their web site: CAS.