Membership Information

Membership in the Connecticut Debate Association is open to any high school, public or private. Our membership year coincides with the school year. Each member school is required to pay dues for the year. Payment is made through the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) the governing body for interscholastic competition in Connecticut. (Schools do not need to be a member of CAS to participate in the CDA.) Download the CDA Dues Form for payment information.

Membership entitles a school to attend all CDA tournaments. Each school may bring as many debaters in each division as they wish, limited only by the capacity of the tournament site and the availability of judges. The only exception is the year-end championship tournament: debaters must qualify through their performance at earlier tournaments.

Joining CDA

Schools may join the CDA at any time during the school year: contact us, find out how to enroll in a tournament, and just show up! Interested parties may observe at a tournament at any time. Potential new members may participate in one tournament at no cost and no further obligation. If you are not certain whether the CDA is right for your school, please come to a tournament and see for yourself. For more information please email us.

For a more information about the CDA read or download our Brochure.

Volunteers and Hosts

The CDA could not function without significant additional contributions of time and facilities. Our tournaments are held at member schools, and our tournaments are run by coaches and other volunteers. The CDA is governed by a Board elected by the coaches from among the membership. These services go beyond the efforts needed to coach a debate team and provide sufficient judges. We have no formal policy regarding volunteers, but the CDA relies on the generous contributions of members schools beyond their dues in support of our program.

If you are interested in hosting a CDA tournament, download our Guide to Hosting.