2016-17 Tournament Material

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September 16-18, 2016
Yale Invitational
Parliamentary Division

Yale Parliamentary Motions

September 24, 2016
Novice Scrimmage

A Coach's Notes

Resolved: The US Electoral College electors should vote their conscience.

Resolved: The Courts should set State education policy.

November 5, 2016
Vassar Invitational

Vassar Parliamentary Motions

November 12, 2016

A Coach's Notes

Resolved: The Dakota Access Pipeline should not be built.

Resolved: The US should join the International Criminal Court.

January 7, 2017

No tournament due to weather.

Resolved: Internet sites should be required to remove fake news.

Resolved: Student loans should be limited to those students and amounts that are highly likely to be repaid in full.

State Finals, March 18, 2017
Flow Chart
A Coach's Notes

Resolved: Executive orders should require Congressional review.

Osterweis 2017, Yale University
April 9, 2017